Cockatoo Series 2014

A tribute to the silent sentinels, -the giant abandoned cranes of the Cockatoo Island dockyard.

Around these decaying monoliths the ghosts of the past still seem to hover. Their delapitated windows and doorways seem like eyes peering on the world watching as though in silent protest of their fate.

This series of mixed media work attepts to record the atmosphere they evoke, the life they still seem to exude, and pay a tribute to their past glory.

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All images are 58 x 36cm except otherwise stated. The techniques used are Photopolymer intaglio, Collagraph and Etching.


  Vestige II, ed 4, 2014


   Vestige II, 54 x 28 cms 2014


   Vestige IV, 54 x 28 cms 2014


  Vestige V, 2014


  Altarpiece I, ed 3, 3 panels each 57 x 38 cms 2014


  Altarpiece 2, unique state, 42 x 112 cms 2014



  Vestige VI variation 1, unique state 2014


  Vestige VI variation 3, ed 5 2014


  Vestige IX, unique state 38 x 54 cms 2014