Pentimenti: Transformations in Print

This work was produced as an exchange print between 8 Australian and 8 Italian artists. The aim was to produce a series of prints by altering or reworking the initial image rather than producing an edition of identical works.

In this case, the work has undergone 5 variations, or states, using the same matrix which has been altered and/or added to in each variation.

The imagery was drawn from the traces or paths made by larvae on gum trees. By changing the format the work can be interpreted as a landscape or macrocosm, or as a close up detail, a microcosm.

All the works are on 37 x 57cm paper. Image sizes as shown. Click on the image for an enlarged view.


  Pathways VI 1st State, Collagraph, 23.5 x 57 cms 2012


   Pathways VI 2nd State, Collagraph, 57 x 23.5 cms 2012


   Pathways VI 3rd State, Collagraph, 57 x 23.5 cms 2012


  Pathways VI 4th State, Collagraph, 23.5 x 48 cms 2012


  Pathways VI 5th State, Collagraph, 16 x 38 cms 2012

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